I had PTSD and
Now I don't.

I can show you how.

The PTSD Coach specialties in PTSD and Trauma Recovery, Stress Management and Burnout Prevention.

The PTSD Coach will work with you to relieve anxiety, calm the anger, improve your sleep and diminish flashbacks and nightmares.

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What are the benefits?

  • Calm the anger response
  • Regain control of your emotions
  • Stop nightmares and flashbacks
  • Lessen the anxiety
  • Stop yelling at people you care for
  • Be calmer at work and at home
  • Improve your sleep
  • Change your self-talk
  • Increase your PTSD understanding

Alternative Answers

Coaching for PTSD and related symptoms offers a real alternative and complementary recovery pathway. Coaching gives you access to new techniques and tools you may not otherwise be aware of to make powerful change in your life.

The PTSD Coach utilises her lived experience and extensive training in a variety of techniques to create a collaborative, personalised roadmap to recovery for each client.

Qualifications in Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis and a variety of superior coaching techniques enable The PTSD Coach to draw on a number of methods to tailor treatment to each client.

 or CALL : 0417 330 163

Professional Recommendation

I’ve known Lisa for a few years now and have been delighted to refer people to her. As a Psychiatrist I’m always looking for skilled, understanding, and well qualified colleagues to help those with PTSD. Lisa’s work with first responders and nurses has been outstanding. The feedback I’ve received has always been positive and I’ve seen equally positive changes in the people she has helped. When helping people suffering PTSD, particularly health care personnel and first responders, Lisa is my first choice.


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Colin McIver Consultant Psychiatrist

Lisa saved my Life

Prior to meeting Lisa, I had been seeing another mental health practitioner for a few years for severe anxiety.

I was not coping at all with the world and feeling tense, stressed and at times depressed. I was having nightmares about past childhood trauma by my father. All of this stopping me moving forward. I was relying on tablets of all sorts to dull the emotional pain. I have abused Valium, benzodiazepines and codeine, just to get through the day not having a panic attack and being able to work, socialise and to be able to shop and pay at the counter!

I was never relaxed, this affected me to the point of staying at home all the time, making excuses not to meet people. I was angry and confused. “Why me?” I didn’t sign up for this life. I felt hopeless and helpless. I have attempted suicide on four separate occasions.

Referred by my psychiatrist, I made the call to Lisa. I felt like a complete mess. I had detoxed from Valium at a clinic and was ready to learn about my mental health problems and stop using medication to get by.

Lisa made me think about everything that is good in my life now. I felt proud but ashamed of my achievements. Lisa enabled me to move on from the past, to recognise the trauma happened but learnt to cope. I learnt to face my emotional fears but then to let it go. I now understand that things are not always fair and the abuse was not my fault. I know I had big issues, Lisa knew, but I had to find out for myself without being told which was frustrating at times.

I have learnt to relax, to meditate and importantly, to forgive myself.

Now, I can public speak, work, shop, do what I want now by saying to myself “Hey, you’ve got this!” This is my new mantra. Lisa gave me huge confidence in myself. It makes a difference being confident in yourself. I now tackle problems one by one not trying to solve the worlds’ problems in a day. I use aromatherapy and natural products daily.

I have learnt to be happy within myself, which is a huge deal for me. I no longer worry about what other people think of me. I realised they are probably not even thinking of me! I had terrible anticipatory anxiety.

I’m far more comfortable in my own skin. Another huge thing, I don’t stress about things that may not even happen anymore. 99% of the time the bad stuff didn’t happen, I was anticipating the worst.

Lisa helped change my thought process to be more positive to be proud of what I have achieved not embarrassed. I have stopped saying “not tooting my own horn but ...,”

Aside from the anxiety, my major symptom was Anger. I was so angry.

Lisa helped let go of the anger, it took time, but we did it. I faced my past, answered a lot of great questions. Recognising I was a young child at the time, of course it wasn’t my fault. I found this so empowering. I know my father can’t hurt me emotionally or physically ever again. I am the strong one now! After working with Lisa, I have confidence and pride in myself. I am happy and feel strong within.

Life now is terrific, I still have ‘not so great’ days, but I get up, shower, get ready for the day. No more lying in bed feeling terrible. I go to work all the time now (used to call in sick). I think “Hey! It’s just work.”

My anxiety is 80% better, I haven’t had a panic attack because I know “I’ve got this”. I feel I have my life back. I now understand the difference between anxiety and stress, we all have some stress.

I am off benzos! This is huge for me! Huge!

I enjoy my work more, I go shopping at shopping centres. I went to a floatation tank giving myself me time and spoiling me when I can, guilt free.

I have a lot more energy. I am involved with my physical self, I have glasses now! I put my sight off being just anxious all the time. I have been to the dentist, take vitamins, get massages. I’m a health freak now because I can focus better on me and I see now I’m worth it.

Lisa taught me to be grateful. My relationship with my partner is much better, I am grateful for that, and my friends, holidays, even my work. I even like what I see in the mirror now too!

I have a totally different view now. If things don’t work out, stuff happens. I will cross that bridge if it comes to that, I don’t anticipate negativity anymore. I enjoy my life. I have to be the one to make the decision to be happy and I have. I have no regrets now. I smile. I have this! Thanks Lisa.

Tony *named changed for privacy reasons

Tony* name changed Healthcare Professional

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