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Mark Nelson - March 20, 2017 Reply

Hi Lisa, read the blog and understand. I don’t ‘ambulance chase’ as a freind of mine (Veteriarian) put it, in regards to me chasing up business for my dog memorials by responding to deceased dog posts (with my service or making memorials). This is’nt for the same reasons you mentioned, it’s purely because I haven’t got around to it yet and am supplemented by my primary work (ADF). Your reasons are to put food on the table and pay bills and I totally get it and wouldn’t begrudge anyone who did. Thanks for your honesty is what I’m sayin. I’m not gonna patronise or lecture you accept to say good luck on establishing your business. Dave & Kate (from Picking up the pieces) based in Canberra here have worked hard, picked up contracts with AFP and ADF and love what they do. You love what you do and have been through the struggles of the black dog as they have. I will keep an eye out for Victorian based Govt grants (via a log in I have for 12 months if that would help). All I will say is study/learn and invest in yourself. travel to the US (or Europe) to where the cutting edge of PTSD research is being done in the Army and EMS sector. I know dog handlers who are even studying K9 PTSD in a bid to get into therapy K9s. I should too, since I’m a qualified handler and suffer from the affliction, but am focussed on other business areas. In a nutshell. You keep doin ‘you’ and we will all see past the cookie cutter snake oil salesman in the industry and your work will speak for itself and hence establish you in the industry. God Speed.

    theptsdcoach - March 20, 2017 Reply

    Hi Mark, thanks so much for your support. I would love to connect with Dave and Kate from Picking up the Pieces if you were happy to share this page with them. There is a grant from Sane called the Hocking grant I am going to apply for. With it, I would love to do exactly as you suggest and get to Canada and Boston to study PTSD Recovery Centres that get results there, with a view to establish one here. We must stay together as a ‘tribe’ of those making a difference in this area. Thanks again for taking the time to comment here! Lisa. x

Les - March 22, 2017 Reply

Hi Lisa, love the article!
I had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa during our NLP training and I have to say Lisa is a passionate client advocate who always brings a massive level of effort and commitment to her coaching. This article is exactly that! No BS, just straight talking from someone who knows her stuff!
Thanks for a great read Lisa.
If you are looking for a PTSD coach I can honestly say that Lisa will step up and deliver.


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