The 3 Keys to PTSD Recovery Program

Before we start, it's important to know if this is for you.


If You are READY right now thats fantastic! Scroll down and check out Keys 1, 2 and 3 in detail.

If you are not READY yet, I commend you for recognising that. There is NO JUDGEMENT HERE. Every single person on this journey is at a different point along their path. If you have a process or strategy you are working through then keep going, one foot in front of the other. If you don't yet and are feeling stuck or lost contact me and we will get you on the path to recovery.

Key 1 - Deprogramming ( 5 Hours)

The first stage of the program is Deprogramming. The premise of Key 1 is that PTSD is an illness of emotions. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about read my blog post "All the way to Eleven" and then hop back here. A recalibration of emotions is required, a redefinition of your relationship to your emotions. This is achieved through a sequence of sessions that begin the process of cutting ties with old programming that no longer serves you and redefining yourself from where you are now and WHO you are now.

Key 2 - Discovering ( 5 Hours)

The second stage of the program is Discovering. Now you have completed Key 1 - Deprogramming and have let go of old programming and relationships to emotions that are no longer serving you. It is time to begin discovering what motivates you and what is important to you, to begin constructing the life you want to lead. Many of us in uniformed and caring roles have our sense of self and identity tied to our job. This Key is all about Discovering who you are outside of that role, out of that uniform. See my YouTube video "Loss of Identity in PTSD" for more on this topic.

Key 3 - Defining ( 5 Hours)

The third stage of the program is Defining. Now that you have completed Key 1 - Deprogramming and Key 2 - Discovering, it is time to gain clarity around your future. What are you going to do NOW? How do you want to be spending your time? Key 3 is all about clarifying, setting goals for the future and creating an action plan with clear steps. Also, a good dose of Celebrating how far you have come!

The Program outlined above is a streamlined version of the journey I went on over 18 months. It utilises the same processes and coaching sessions that allowed me to overcome my PTSD and be medication and symptom free for over two years. It is these same processes that have helped my clients improve their lives.

How can I do the Program?

2018 marks the beginning of Retreat Programs.

Stage 1- Friday 2nd to Monday 5th March Venue TBC

(Registration opening soon)

Stage 2 - Friday 27th to Monday 30th April (Venue TBC)

Stage 3 - Friday 15th to Monday 18th June (Venue TBC)

All Programs will be within 3 hours drive from Melbourne, Victoria, venues to be confirmed. Programs will run Fri-Mon inclusive and Key 1 Weekends will be strictly limited in numbers so that everyone receives one-on-one coaching.

I don't want to wait that long/do it in a group.

That is totally fine. Groups and Retreats are not for everyone. The Program is also available as a one-on-one coaching program via phone/video call, ONE hour a week. If this is your preference then click the button below and Book in a FREE 15 minute chat with me to discuss your requirements.

Do I need a referral?

Absolutely not. This is no paperwork required to work with me. This means no delays. I am ready when you are. If you are currently seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist I recommend informing them that you are starting the program and I am, of course, happy to speak to anyone treating you already. Several of my clients have had great success they attribute to having 'a team' of people on their side.