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Mark - June 28, 2017 Reply

Great concepts and theories, no argument here, Wim Hoff is studying with Stanford University with treating PTSD via breathing techniques he developed. My tether story is one, where my event, whilst exhilarating, and everything a soldier trains for and craves to execute after years of waiting and training. The event passes, that evening, you sob yourself to sleep after realising you could’ve died today and finally fall asleep. Years later you forget that sobbing (you only remember the action of the event) and to this day keep saying it was ‘dangerous’, but still the best day in your career? I say that the tether to this event is positive, my question is, where doe’s all the anger and outbursts, trouble with authoritative figures, drinking, stress, thoughts of suicide and depression evolve from then, if the tether is a positive one?

Stephen Hutchins - July 2, 2017 Reply

Great subject Lisa, and a great explanation. We are covering this subject at our Men’s Health program at Epworth. “Understanding our Emotions” “Responding to our Emotions” and “understanding our Thoughts”. Lead up to Resiliency. Thank you for throwing another light on it.

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